IRIS 2014 Call for Papers

The call for papers for IRIS 2014 conference has just been announced. This year’s conference theme is “Designing Human Technologies” and the conference will be held 10-13 August 2014 at Sørup Herregaard, Ringsted, Denmark. IRIS 2014 is target at scholars within the fields of Information systems (IS) and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). IRIS 2014 will be hosting both The 37th Information Systems Research Seminar in Scandinavia (IRIS 37) and the Fifth Scandinavian Conference on Information Systems (SCIS 5).

IRIS 37 submissions are due April 1, 2013. This is the original part of the conference and is mainly targeted PhD students. Selected papers will be published in the conference proceeding. SCIS 5 is a more traditional conference. Papers are peer reviewed and all accepted papers are published in the conference proceeding. Submissions are due February 11, 2014.

Even that most participants are from the Nordic countries this event is open to all interested scholars and researchers from around the world.

Details about this event are available at

SAS Lounge Copenhagen Review

SAS Lounge CPH EntranceAs I frequently visit the SAS lounge in Copenhagen Airport (CPH) it’s time for a review.

The lounge is divided into two almost similar lounges: the SAS lounge and the SAS Gold lounge. As a Star Alliance gold status holder you can access both (details about getting access to SAS lounges can be found here. It’s also possible to purchase access with credit card or SAS Eurobonus points, more details here. There are only small difference between the two. For example, more wine and hard liquor options are available in the Scandinavian lounge and this lounge also has a dedicated quite area. The overall design of both are held in a typically Scandinavian style.

SAS Lounge CPH Dining Area 2The lounge has table/dining areas, several sections with large resting chairs and a couple of work areas with computers. Several tables well equipped with (EU standard) power and USB outlets. A nice feature is a dedicated quite area and at the front of the lounge there is a small children’s play area.

During mornings hours the lounge can be crowded, but it’s not a problem to find seating. During the day and evening there is plenty of space in all parts of the lounge. A decent selection of both Scandinavian and international news papers is provided.

SAS Lounge CPH Drinks AreaThere are several beverage and food areas. At the two main areas food is available and at the rest soft drinks, coffee/tea and sometimes snacks can be found. Different beverages are served including: juice, coffee, tea, water, common soft drinks, a selection of primarily Danish beers (Tuborg and Carlsberg), wine (on tap and bottles), and hard liquor including single malt scotch (normally a 10 year Laphroaig). Light food is served during all opening hours. During the morning typically Scandinavian breakfast in the form of bread, cheese, ham, jam and pastries is served. This works well if you just need a quick bite before the flight. The offerings during the day and evening is definitely not why one would want to visit the lounge. The selection is very limited and not of a very good quality. The day and evening offers are not able to substitute a full meal.

The bathrooms are clean and private. Nothing fancy but for sure nicer than the regular airport bathrooms. Showers are available and can be booked at the desk, and towels are included.

The staff is in general friendly and will help with all sorts of things from changing frequent flyer number to rebook tickets. Staff will continuously clean the lounge for used tableware and newspapers. In general the lounge has a high level of cleanness.

Free WiFi access is available in the entire airport, and the lounge does also have a dedicated WiFi network. In my experience the network is fast and works well for web surfing, e-mail, and watching short videos.

SAS Lounge CPH Light FoodIn conclusion the SAS lounge in Copenhagen is a good option. The lounge is large, the furnitures are in a good condition, there is a nice selection of beverages, but the food options are rather limited and the quality is far from top class. When comparing to other Star Alliance lounges in the US, Europe, and Asia this lounge is is about in the middle of the worst and the best. It’s far better than most US lounges regarding everything, but especially when it comes to the food options, the Lufthansa Senator lounges are often at the same or higher level. Also Asian lounges such as the Air China lounges have better food options. Overall SAS is providing a decent and fair lounge product that is certainly worth to visit when flying out of Copenhagen.

Opening hours:

  • Monday – Friday: 05:15am – 30 minutes before last SAS departure.
  • Saturday – Sunday: 06:00am – 30 minutes before last SAS departure.

Phone number: (+45) 32 32 35 19

List of SAS lounges

More reviews are available at Skytrax and Yelp.

Below you will find a few pictures from the lounge.