SAS Lounge Stockholm T5 Review

SAS Lounge ARN T5 Buffet AreaThe SAS lounge in Stockholm Arlanda (ARN) terminal 5 is divided into two almost similar lounges: the SAS lounge and the SAS Gold lounge. The business lounge is open for passengers in SAS Plus and business class (as well as first class passengers from other Star Alliance partners). Anyone holding Start Alliance gold status can access both lounges (details about getting access to SAS lounges can be found here. It’s also possible to purchase access with credit card or SAS Eurobonus points, more details here). The main difference between the two parts is slightly different offerings in food and beverages.

The lounge is designed in a typical Scandinavian style and have plenty of tables, resting chairs, and work areas with computers. There are plenty of (EU standard) power outlets and USB outlets, and free WiFi access is available offering a decent speed. The lounge has a high level of cleanness and the bathrooms are clean and private. The staff is in general friendly and are very helpful with questions about ticket changes etc.

Light food is served during all opening hours. During the morning typically Scandinavian breakfast in the form of bread, cheese, ham, jam and pastries is served. This works well if you need a quick bite before the flight. The offerings during the day and evening are rather limited but works well as quick snack when waiting for a flight. However, the offerings cannot makeup for a full meal. Different beverages are served including: juice, coffee, tea, water, common soft drinks, a selection of beers, wine (on tap and bottles), and different hard liquor options.

Overall the SAS lounge in Stockholm Arlanda terminal 5 is a good option, but the food offerings are limited. It’s not quite at the level of the SAS lounge in Copenhagen but in comparison to especially US Star Alliance lounges it is superior, yet not at the level of Lufthansa Senator lounges and Star Alliance lounges of Asian based carriers.

Opening hours:

  • Daily: 5am – Closes approximately 30 minutes before last scheduled SAS departure.

List of SAS lounges

More reviews are available at Skytrax and Yelp.

Below you will find some pictures from the lounge:

Usability Engineering in the Wild: How do Practitioners Integrate Usability Engineering in Software Development?

Together with my co-author Jan Stage I got a paper accepted at the 5th International Conference on Human-Centered Software Engineering (HCSE 2014).


It has been argued that too much research on usability engineering is incoherent with the processes, and settings being the realities for practitioners. In this paper we want to extend the existing knowledge about usability engineering in the wild. Through 12 semi-structured interviews we wanted to get an understanding of how usability is perceived, and practiced in reality. We found that our participants primarily focus on upfront work to support the design, and implementation process. They implement usability engineering through informal evaluations, and by following a set of local de facto standards. We want to extend the existing body of knowledge about usability engineering in practice, to support the development of methods aimed at practitioners.

Bornoe, N. & Stage, J. (2014). Usability Engineering in the Wild: How do Practitioners Integrate Usability Engineering in Software Development? In: Sauer, S., et al. (eds.) HCSE 2014. LNCS, vol. 8742, pp. 199-216. Springer, Heidelberg (2014).

Full text: PDF