Teaching Software Developers to Perform UX Tasks

Together with my co-authors, Tina Øvad, Lars Bo Larsen, and Jan Stage, we got the paper “Teaching Software Developers to Perform UX Tasks” accepted at OzCHI 2015 taking place in Melbourne, Australia, December 7-10, 2015. This paper has been in the works for quite some time so I’m very happy that it finally found a good home down under.


Good UX design is becoming important within the industry when developing new products. This entails that UX skills have to be available in the development processes. This paper investigates the opportunities of using software developers as a UX work resource in the day-to-day working practice. This is done via an action research study where the developers were provided with material concerning a modified AB usability test, by training them in performing this type of work, and by using their feedback to improve the method and the material. The overall result of the study is positive and it is found that by using the developers’ feedback in the modification process, the method has truly become applicable within an agile, industrial setting. In combination with a guideline and template this has, induced the developers to feel confident in independently performing this type of work.

Tina Øvad, Nis Bornoe, Lars Bo Larsen and Jan Stage. 2015. Teaching Software Developers to Perform UX Tasks. In Proceedings of the 27th Australian Computer-Human Interaction Conference: Being Human (OzCHI ’15). ACM, New York, NY, USA.