Libratone Lounge in the mail

After being on the look out for a relative small, non-expensive, and of cause high quality wireless speaker for about three years I finally made my order this Black Friday. I’m not really a Black Friday guy since most of the good offers require one to get up very early and navigate in a chaotic space of people, or keep refreshing a website that most likely will go down as soon as the offers are available. On top, let’s not forget that a lot of the offers really are not that good or interesting anyway. Anyway, since the combo of wanting high quality at a relative low price seemed to match this Black Friday my choice was a Libratone Lounge wireless speaker.

Libratone is an upcoming Danish brand. While still an upcoming name Libratone products have generally received positive reviews. Especially the audio quality and design have been pointed out as excellent while the price has been classified as a turn off. Normally the Libratone Lounge will be found in the price range $700 – $1200, but snatched one at a limited online sale at $350. My hypothesis is that such offers are possible because the Libratone Lounge will be grandfathered soon. It was released four years ago and Libratone has since introduced the comparable soundbar DIVA.

Bottom line is that I have quite some expectations to the Libratone Lounge considering the overwhelming positive reviews. Another 2-5 business days in the mail and this sweety should be up and running.