See which Cloudflare point of presence you are connecting to

All domains proxied through Cloudflare have a special Cloudflare directory located at (going to this directory will return a 404 error.) This directory is used for hosting Cloudflare apps. A special app is called ‘Trace’ and is located at Trace is “installed” by default (it is not listed as an installed Cloudflare app […]

Tiiny Host, a simple, free, and semi-anonymous temporary static website host

Yesterday, I stumbled across what is probably one of the the simplest to use static web hosting service I have encountered so far. The service is called Tiiny Host, and offers the possibility to publish tiny static websites that will remain online for up to seven days. No registration is needed, and if you are […]

Import G Suite MX records into Cloudflare DNS using zone files

The Cloudflare authoritative DNS product is a great DNS solution running on one of the world’s fastest infrastructures with high availability. The good part is that they offer a free tier that will suit the needs of most personal and business domains. If you are managing several domains and often need to add G Suite […]

Highlights of “Usability Engineering in the Wild: How Do Practitioners Integrate Usability Engineering in Software Development?”

Back in 2014, I published this study together with a co-author. To make it more accessible, I have written the following summary highlighting the essential findings and implications of the study. In the paper, we presented an explorative study about how usability engineering is conducted and understood in practice. Our research question was: “How do […]

BuyShared has switched to MailChannels for outgoing mails

Recently my web hosting provider BuyShared (also known as BuyVM and Frantech) started using the SMTP provider MailChannels for outgoing e-mails. This is a neat feature that increases mail deliverability. Before switching to MailChannels, BuyShared routed outgoing mail through a local SMTP server. Due to more advanced and strict spam filters and policies by most […]

Namecheap review

Namecheap is a US-based ICANN-accredited domain registrar that has been around for more than a decade. They started as a reseller of the registrar eNom and used eNom’s ICANN-accreditation. During 2018 all new and existing domain registrations are now under their own ICANN-accreditation. Over the years they have generally received positive reviews and are often recommended […]