Internet of Things Comic Book

Inspiring the Internet of Things

Internet of Things, a term coined back in 1999, has no firm definition but deals with uniquely identifiable things or objects with virtual representations. Objects can be connected to the Internet or a local network and these objects will often have the option to interact and communicate with other nodes in the network. For example, a sensor can be used to collect some kind of analog data, digitalize it and make it available on the network.

The Alexandra Institute, a Danish research company, released a cool comic book a year ago called “Inspiring the Internet of Things”. A new special edition has been released containing 20 one-page stories describing different scenarios about the possibilities of the Internet of Things along with comments from researchers in the field.

The comic book is a good soft and fun introduction to this somewhat abstract idea of the “Internet of Things”. This book is aimed for everyone interested in new technology. Especially prospective students and students new in the field of information technology and interaction design will most likely find it not just interesting but also inspiring. It’s an interesting method to make science accommodating and to present complex ideas and abstract concepts in an easy and understandable manner.

The comic book, released October last year, is freely available in different editions including an English, Danish, German, and Brazilian edition.

The comic book can be downloaded at

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