TagPad: Supporting Field Interviews and Analysis

My co-author Louise Barkhuus and I got a paper accepted at iConference 2013 for presentation and proceedings. The conference will be held February 12 – 15, 2013 in Fort Worth, TX, USA where I will be presenting it, something I’m looking very much forward too!

In this paper we report on experiences with the data collection tool TagPad. We presented the tool to researchers conducting qualitative interviews and in-person surveys and report here the experiences of eight researchers that used the tool during ongoing research projects.

TagPad: Supporting Field Interviews and Analysis

Nis Bornoe & Louise Barkhuus (2013). TagPad: Supporting Field Interviews and Analysis. iConference Proceedings 2013. 317-325.


The area of cyberinfrastructures has looked extensively at research within the natural sciences, however, the social sciences have been largely overlooked in terms of novel data collection and analysis systems. We developed a probe tool, TagPad, to look at the process for social science data collection through interviews and surveys. Our research participants found that TagPad facilitated structuring of interviews but we also found that the setting in which the interview takes place is essential to the success of using this particular tool. We conclude suggesting future designs of social science research tools.

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