Merrild coffee machine joins our research group

Merrild coffee machine

We recently got a new member of our research group, a Merrild coffee machine. The Department of Computer Science at Aalborg University consists of several different research units, and luckily one of the other units passed on their used coffee machine which still can be considered hyper-modern in comparison to our former one.

Easy access to coffee is an essential part of the infrastructure at any academic institution. Our department is no different. One of my most appreciated benefits as a Ph.D. Fellow is the included unmetered amount of coffee. This benefit has changed what was once as a college student a significant expense in my finances into a remarkable less significant cost.

The coffee machine and coffee drinking serve a number of purposes besides getting coffee. Firstly, it’s simply a part of the daily schedule, like turning on the computer. It’s a ritual that cannot easily (or should not?) be changed. Secondly, the environment around the coffee machine and the act of drinking coffee is a catalyst for socializing with colleges. Pitching some research ideas, discussing the stack of student reports, or simply a bit of small talk. Thirdly getting coffee is an easy activity for procrastinating other more complex tasks. Whether or not the “fact” that I will be more efficient and creative after picking up coffee is true it is not something I currently plan on challenging (but probably should).

Welcome to the newest member of the Information Systems research group, our new (used) Merrild coffee machine.

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