Joining the ACM IUI 2017 program committee

I have joined the ACM IUI 2017 (The 22th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces) program committee. The program committee of the IUI conference is slightly different organized in comparison to other ACM conferences. Usually, the members of a program committee will assign each submission a number of external reviewers and write a meta-review. At IUI the program committee is divided into two subgroups, a senior program committee, and a (junior) program committee. Each submission will be assigned three reviewers, two (junior) PC members, and one senior PC member. What diversifies the (junior) program committee from being external reviewers is that we are more linked to the process and participates in activities such as paper bidding and discussion. As a Ph.D. student, this is an excellent opportunity to get a gentle introduction to the work and assignments handled by a conference program committee.

The 22th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI ’17) will take place March 13-16, 2017, Limassol, Cyprus and the scope of the conference is described as:

At ACM IUI, we focus on the interaction between machine intelligence and human intelligence. While other conferences focus on one side or the other, we address the complex interaction between the two. We welcome research that explores how to make the interaction between computers and people smarter, which may leverage solutions from data mining, knowledge representation, novel interaction paradigms, and emerging technologies. We strongly encourage submissions that discuss research from both HCI and AI simultaneously, but also welcome works that focus more on one side or the other.

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