Rose Bowl 2013 Final: Wisconsin vs. Stanford

Bucky BadgerJanuary 1st 2013 it was time for the final game of the 99th Rose Bowl game. This year the battle was between Wisconsin Badgers (8-5 before the final) and The Stanford Cardinal (11-2 before the final). The Badgers from Wisconsin haven’t had a great season so it was a happy surprise to find out that they managed to make it to the final. Stanford’s season has been much better. This ESPN article even describes Stanford’s season as a “football renaissance”. No need to postpone the result: a 20-14 victory to Stanford. Stanford last made it to the final in 2000 also meeting Wisconsin, a game that ended with a Badgers victory.

For the third consecutive year Wisconsin has made it to the final, and unfortunately also lost for the third time in a row… Also for the third consecutive year we are a group of former Danish exchange students attending University of Wisconsin-Madison (+ people we have talked into liking the Badgers) that have gathered for game nights in Copenhagen. Apparently our little Danish Wisconsin cheering team hasn’t been very successful… Hopefully we will get a chance to gather for yet a Rose Bowl final including Wisconsin again next year! Here a (very red) picture of our 2012 gathering.

Honestly I am no big football enthusiast and mainly watches a few minutes of football when waiting for someone in a bar etc. For me most of the rules can also be classified as “unknown”. However meeting for the Rose Bowl final has been an excellent tradition. Meeting just after New Year’s Eve is a great way to kick off the new year and a good opportunity to relax after all the champagne consumption, getting an update of the state of the world (aka. our little worlds) and play a board game or two while waiting for the game to start (Denmark is nine hours ahead of California).

This final was not as exciting as the two previous years. Stanford was in very good shape and the Badgers never got a real chance to get into the game. Congrats to Stanford! They deserved the victory and it’s been 40 years since they could call themselves Rose Bowl champions.