A Peek at Norwegian’s New In-Flight Entertainment System

Was flying CPH – AAL a few days ago and noticed that Norwegian is about to introduce a new in-flight entertainment system. This service was announced back in the fall of 2012 and is now being rolled out. The current system is only a preview and currently does not contain much content but provides a great overview of what it’s going to look like. Some sample material in the form of a few short TV programs and a couple of games is made available for free.

What differentiates this service from what is offered by most other airlines is that it’s running over Wi-Fi and you connect with your own device. On a CPH – AAL flight lasting about 30 minutes were electronic equipment only can be used during a 20 minutes period this system is less interesting, but on intra-Europe flights, this service could be a very nice addition. The new in-flight system looks promising. It’s gonna be interesting to follow what kind of content will be made available and not least at which fee! Now we just need power outlets for our growing collection of electronic devices 🙂

Where other low-cost carriers such as Ryanair mostly have been known for lowering service to an absolute minimum and adding all different kinds of interesting and obscure fees, it’s very nice to see a low-cost airline trying to keep costs down through simplicity and innovation. Rethinking low-cost flying with a mix of investing in fuel efficient aircrafts and providing new services will probably not only inspire other low-cost carriers but hopefully also the traditional carriers, especially those struggling at the moment.

Here are some screenshots:


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