First Time Grading!

GradingLast week I spend quite some time grading parts of the final exam for an interaction design course here at Aalborg University. This is the first time I have been grading exams and the first time to use the red marker we all know too well ūüôā The first part was multiple-choice questions so not much to do on my part. In the second part the students were asked to¬†briefly¬†define essential concepts in interaction design and provide examples.

Grading has many similarities to peer reviewing of scientific papers and my review experience definitely kicked in here. Just as when reviewing,¬†grading is an interesting balance between being optimistic and critical with the aim of providing a fair opinion and point assignment. Fairness seems to be the absolute keyword were fair means to give the “right” amount of points, not too few and not too many.¬†Overall grading has been a very fun, interesting and great learning experience.

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