Asiana lounge Seoul Gimpo review

Asiana Lounge GMP EntranceWhen flying out of Seoul through Gimpo Airport (GMP) a Saturday morning I decided to checkout the Asiana Star Alliance Lounge. The lounge is located at 3F before security. It has an average size considering the size of the airport, but space was not an issue as I was the only guest that Saturday morning. I suspect the lounge will be more crowded during weekdays. The décor of the lounge is very classic and known from many many lounges all over the world. Personally I’m not a big fan of this style, especially when a lounge like this one is crowded. The lounge mostly consists of resting chairs, but it also has a small business area (not very private), and tables along the windows. The snack bar is very basic with a selection of snacks, and common beverages. The snacks were quite good and the selection as can be expected. A selection of magazines is offered, and the lounge offers free Wi-Fi, and free local calls. The staff was polite and made a good impression.

In conclusion the Asiana lounge at the Gimpo Airport is an average Star Alliance lounge. Don’t expect anything special, but the snacks were decent and it was a fine lounge for a short break before the flight, but not the place to spend many hours.

A few pictures from the lounge:

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