SAS lounge Helsinki review

SAS Lounge HEL EntranceThe SAS lounge in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (HEL) is located in terminal 1 and is a SAS lounge only (no SAS Gold lounge). Access details to SAS lounges can be found here. The lounge is relative small and kept in a nice ‘Scandinavian’ design. While small I find the lounge very comfortable. It’s basically one big room containing everything, but space has never been a problem during my visits. The lounge has a table/dining area and a small business area with computers. Free Wi-Fi access is provided and works well. The lounge has a high level of cleanness and the bathrooms are clean and private. The staff is in friendly and helpful.

Light food is served during all opening hours. For example, during morning hours typically Scandinavian breakfast in the form of bread, cheese, ham, jam and pastries is served. Besides the breakfast options the food offerings will not be able to make up for a full meal. The food served can more be categorized as snacks. The basic selection of beverages is provided including: juice, coffee, tea, water, common soft drinks, and a small selection of beers, and wine.

In conclusion the SAS lounge in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is a decent member of the Star Alliance lounge family, but in no way spectacular and quite average. The food and drink options are rather limited. This is mainly a lounge for shorter breaks, but I find the lounge cozy and nice for a bit of work or relaxation before a flight.

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Below you will find a few pictures from the lounge:

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