A few words about selling UX

A while ago I attended a seminar about the differences and similarities between usability and UX and not least the problems of understanding, separating, and combining the two into something specific. During this seminar, a problem discussed among the practitioners was how to sell UX.

There are a number of challenges when presenting and selling UX to clients. UX is a “fuzzy” term not easily explicable when it comes to what is delivered, what UX looks or feels like, and how the value of UX is made quantifiable. For example, a chief product officer of a small software development organization told me once: “…how does one get usability included into business cases so that they are credible higher up in the system?”

The following advice was mentioned at the seminar when talking to clients:

  • Use facts.
  • Include UX people during sales meetings.
  • Include UX explicit into business cases.
  • Compare to UX strategies taken by competitors.
  • Show something “beautiful” early in the process.
  • Get allies in the organization.

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