@ iConference 2013

iConference 2013 NametagArrived Monday in Forth Worth, TX, USA, to attend iConference 2013 running February 12 – 15, 2013. I have now reached the second conference day and tomorrow I will be presenting the paper “TagPad: Supporting Field Interviews and Analysis” I wrote together with Louise Barkhuus. So will be spending most of the today making last minute slide changes and structuring the talk…

I’m staying at a place I found through Airbnb, which has turned out really well. The place is nice and my host is very friendly and helpful. Her two dogs are full of energy, so it needs a bit of adjustment to be greeted by two dogs when getting out of bed in the morning 🙂

First Time Grading!

GradingLast week I spend quite some time grading parts of the final exam for an interaction design course here at Aalborg University. This is the first time I have been grading exams and the first time to use the red marker we all know too well 🙂 The first part was multiple-choice questions so not much to do on my part. In the second part the students were asked to briefly define essential concepts in interaction design and provide examples.

Grading has many similarities to peer reviewing of scientific papers and my review experience definitely kicked in here. Just as when reviewing, grading is an interesting balance between being optimistic and critical with the aim of providing a fair opinion and point assignment. Fairness seems to be the absolute keyword were fair means to give the “right” amount of points, not too few and not too many. Overall grading has been a very fun, interesting and great learning experience.

TagPad: Supporting Field Interviews and Analysis

My co-author Louise Barkhuus and I got a paper accepted at iConference 2013 for presentation and proceedings. The conference will be held February 12 – 15, 2013 in Fort Worth, TX, USA where I will be presenting it, something I’m looking very much forward too!

In this paper we report on experiences with the data collection tool TagPad. We presented the tool to researchers conducting qualitative interviews and in-person surveys and report here the experiences of eight researchers that used the tool during ongoing research projects.

TagPad: Supporting Field Interviews and Analysis

Nis Bornoe & Louise Barkhuus (2013). TagPad: Supporting Field Interviews and Analysis. iConference Proceedings 2013. 317-325.


The area of cyberinfrastructures has looked extensively at research within the natural sciences, however, the social sciences have been largely overlooked in terms of novel data collection and analysis systems. We developed a probe tool, TagPad, to look at the process for social science data collection through interviews and surveys. Our research participants found that TagPad facilitated structuring of interviews but we also found that the setting in which the interview takes place is essential to the success of using this particular tool. We conclude suggesting future designs of social science research tools.

Full text: PDF


Hello world! The Bornoe.org blog is now alive…

Welcome to the new Bornoe.org blog… After several years with considerations about giving life to a blog it is finally here. For years I have wanted to share a wide range of information and opinions which resulted in Bornoe.org. However, Bornoe.org has turned into a more formal “about me and my research” website so this blog should open up for the ability to write quick posts about everything and nothing, basically anything under the sun. Topics will vary a bit but overall cover different things going on in my life as a PhD Fellow and links and information others out there on the great interwebs might find useful and interesting.